Mohammad Al-Yasfo

AI & Web Developer

I’ve got 4+ years of experience in IT and CS specializations like: programming, software development, database architecture, distributed systems, and artificial intelligence. Also, during those years I’ve got a lot of practical experience with algorithms, data structure, software engineering, and computer networks by working on many different projects. All of that paved my way to be a web developer. Based on that I’m really passionate about websites (working as a web developer, reading new articles and looking for getting a high education degree in web science).


PHP, Laravel, JavaScript, Python, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Image Processing, IoT & Embedded Systems Design (Beginner)


Web Development, New web techniques, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, IoT Technology, Embedded Systems, Volunteer work

أفضل مشروع منجز

Smart Robot for Garage Monitoring. the main idea of this project is about an intelligent robot that takes sequential pictures of a group of vehicles parked in a garage and sends these images to the computer which recognizes the parked vehicle registration plates by processing video and images taken from a high-resolution smartphone camera connected to a computer in real time. The vehicle registration plate is detected by several properties of the image like color and shape, and after the detection, the registration number of the plate for this vehicle will be extracted. It passes through each parking position that has a parked vehicle and takes a picture of the vehicle registration plate. It also checks whether the vehicle is violating the conditions of the parking status (specified parking time duration) or not. I have developed the project and participated in the Takween Entrepreneurship Contest and qualified for the second stage.

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