Safwan Alhaji

Senior Software Developer

IT engineering student with a 5-year experience in the aforementioned skills. I've specialized in web design & development for a long while after which I moved to advanced ERP systems design & development, as well as software engineering in its many forms (desktop, mobile, etc.).


• Full-stack web development (ASP.NET, ASP.NET Core, Laravel, VueJS, Angular). • Desktop applications development (WPF). • Cross-platform mobile applications development (React Native, Flutter). • Advanced chatbots development (Python, Lua, PHP).


Web, Software, Graphic Design

أفضل مشروع منجز

I've got a couple of best projects: • An ERP using ASP.NET & VueJS. • A Telegram bot designed to provide college students with lectures, using an organized hierarchy for an easier way to view & download files (BlueBitsBot).

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